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Wireline tools have been used for many years to scrape paraffin and other residual materials from the tubing of oil wells.  Time has proven this method to be an effective way of removing these deposits.  Increasing labor cost, lower well allowables, and the desire to operate production with fewer personnel prompted a search for a way this positive method could be done more economically.  Years were spent experimenting with and testing different ways to build a wireline unit which would perform this operation automatically and still be simple and economical enough for practical and successful application in the field.  Excessive complexities in instruments and controls (i.e. keeping the wireline for overrunning the tools, reversing the tools at the desired depth, stopping the tools on the return to the surface) were a few of the problems in developing a simple, fool-proof, yet inexpensive unit.  In 1962, Gem-Trim, with the much appreciated aid of others, solved these problems with the development of several, relatively simple innovations.  Not only did these unique developments greatly simplify and improve the units operation, they also reduced the expense of manufacturing and installing them by almost one half the cost of previous, more complicated models.  Since then Gem-Trim Paraffin Scraping Units have been installed and used regularly on nearly 2000 flowing and gas wells in the United States and abroad, to automatically scrape paraffin.  Gem-Trim Paraffin Scrapers are built and sold under U.S. Patents Numbers 3,072,194 - 3,149,675 and 3,165,155 and others pending.



Other Special Features of Gem-Trim Semi-Automatic Paraffin

Scraping Units


·  Corrosion Resistant Construction: All parts of Gem-Trim units are either made of non-corrosive materials or protected by the best corrosion resistant coatings.


·  Low Maintenance Design: Units are designed to give long service with a minimum of maintenance.  Self-lubricated and sealed bearings are utilized on most moving parts of the unit.  Keeping oil in the Supply Gas  Oiler Bowl to lubricate the pneumatic motor (Quart size bowl requires filling every 15 to 20 trips) is the only regular maintenance required.  At six-month intervals, it is recommended a few minutes be taken to lubricate the wireline reel and motor bearings, and to check the oil level in the reduction gear box.


·  Slack Line Control Mechanism and Overload Stall-out: “Slack Line Control Mechanism” controls the speed of the wireline reel when tools are going in hole so that wireline is kept in tension at all times.  This prevents wireline from ?kinking? and results in longer wireline life than is obtained from a manually-operated reel.  If the unit becomes overloaded on its trip out of the hole, the motor will stall-out before reaching the breaking strength of the wireline, without causing any damage to the motor.


·  Automatic Adjustment of Wireline Packing: Pressure on wireline packing is automatically adjusted to insure free movement of the wireline when unit is operating and positive shut-off when it is at rest.  Eliminates the need to climb the gin pole and loosen packing prior to making trip.


·  Simplified Ordering, Procurement, and Installation: All materials need for the installation of an Gem-Trim Paraffin Scraping Unit can be supplied and delivered promptly by Gem-Trim personnel.

Gem-Trim Semi-Automatic Paraffin Scraping Unit

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