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Gem-Trim stocks the hard parts, and also the high and low temperature packing, gaskets, piston rings, seal rings and back up rings for the Gem-E Series Valves and repair kits for the Fisher® V-100 and V-150 Ball Valves.  These parts are stocked in sizes from 1” through 6”.

Gem-Trim offers single ported, angle style Fisher® ZLA control valves in sizes 1” and 2”.  These valves are split body designed, machined from bar stock and made from special material such as Titanium (pictured) or from any other exotic material.  These valves are used in highly corrosive conditions.

Specialty welding such as MIG and TIG are used for repairing worn control valve trim, valve bodies, and applications for materials such as Stellite® or Inconel®, etc..  Welders and Weld Procedures are ASME qualified.

Gem-Trim Also Stocks a wide range of replacement Fisher® and Masoneilan® diaphragms.

Available Sizes:

Fisher………….30,34/40, 45/50, 60

Masoneilan……..9, 11, 13, 15, 18

Camflex…………4-1/2, 6, 7

Sigma F………….A, B, C

Gem-Trim offers specialty items such as this sampling valve.  The valve is used in industrial processes to obtain samples of process media.  Special valves can be developed to meet specific needs.

Gem-Trim can offer full manufacturing capabilities to manufacture or repair any parts that are typically turned or milled.  Pictured is an oilfield swivel mandrel overlayed with Satellite® in wear area and machined to size.

Gem-Trim offers full manufacturing capabilities which includes manual and automatic machining and milling centers, heat treating, saw cutting and soecialty welding.

Gem-Trim’s most valuable assets, OUR EMPLOYEES, bringextensive experience and in-depth expertise to the manufacturing process which enables Gem-Trim to effectively meet our customer’s requirements.

Picture of a manual machinist.Picture of a CNC Miller.Picture of a manual machinist.Picture of a part going into Heat Treat Oven.