Rebuilt Trim

Gem-Trim of Houma is committed to providing our customers with the most cost-effective solutions to their control valve needs, whether they require new or rebuilt parts.  Where high-value parts can be salvaged, Gem-Trim conducts a full dimensional and metallurgical inspection and documents the processes required to re-manufacture or recondition the product to the “as new” condition.  We meet or exceed the quality of the original parts and provide customers with high-quality, cost-efficient alternatives to OEM parts.


Picture of New Copes-Vulcan Replacement Valve Trim.

We can rebuild your existing valve trim!

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Picture of used 20" Fisher EHD Valve Trim.Picture of Repaired 20" Fisher EHD Valve Trim.Picture of used Copes-Vilcan Valve Trim.Picture of Repaired Copes-Vulcan Valve Trim.Picture of used Siemens Valve Body.Picture of Repaired Seimens Valve Body.Picture of used 6" Valteck Channel Stream Valve Trim.Picture of Repaired 6" Valtek Channel Stream Valve Trim.


Fisher® 20” EHD Plug & Stem Assembly with Cage

Copes-Vulcan®12” Plug & Stem, Seat Ring, Cylinder Assembly & Balance Cylinder

Siemens® HP Main Control Valve Bonnet with Spindle and Bushings

Valtek® 6” Channel Stream Pressure Balanced Plug & Stem Assembly, Multi Stage Retainer and Sleeve

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