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Clients look to the Gem-Trim name for……..

· Competitive pricing

· On-time delivery

· Comprehensive inventory and service offering

· Reliability

· quality

Need hard-to-find or obsolete parts? Our extensive library of 50,000 drawings covers 100,000 parts from most major manufacturers.  Drawings accurately document dimensions, materials, special processes, and quality requirements.

Count on us!  The power industry has relied on our control valve parts for more than 40 years.  Our genuine Gem-Trim parts meet or exceed the quality of original manufacturers’ parts and are completely interchangeable in form, fit and function.

We inspect all Gem-Trim parts to verify compliance with drawings and work orders.  All Gem-Trim parts are etched with part number, material, work order number, and customer stock number to ensure traceability.

Replacement Trim for Power Plant Valves

Picture of Drawing and matching valve part.Picture of Fisher CVX Valve Trim.Picture of Sulzer Body and Bushings.Picture of 3" Fisher CC-Body Valve Trim.Picture of Alstom Spindles nad Seat Chambers.Picture of Masoneilan 78000 Series Valve Trim.Picture of 8" CCI Valve Trim.Picture of 20" Fisher EHD Valve Trim.Picture of Valtek Unbalanced Channel Stream Valve Trim.Picture of 3" Fisher CC-Body Valve Trim.Picture of 10" Copes-Vulcan Valve Trim.Picture of 10" Bailey Valve Trim.Picture of Yarway Cascade Valve Trim.

Fisher® 10” CVX Plug & Stem, Seat Ring

And Hole Pattern Cage

Siemens® High Pressure Main Control Valve

Bonnet with Spindle & Bushings

Fisher® 3” EHT CAV III Plug & Stem Assemblies

Seat Rings & Cages

Alstom® High Pressure Spindles, Locks &

Seat Chambers

Masoneilan® 78,000 Series Trim Set

CCI® 8” CAV I (1 Stage Trim Set)

Fisher® 20” EHD Plug & Stem Assembly, Seat Ring & Cage

Valtek® 6” Unbalanced Channel Stream Valve Trim

Fisher® 3” CC-Body Trim Set

Copes-Vulcan® 10” Trim Set

Bailey® 10” Plug & Stem Assembly with Seat Cage

Yarway® Turbo Cascade 1

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